Climbing Articles

Please feel free to download any of my climbing articles, I  hope you enjoy them.

‘Cogne ice climbing – Cascade de Lillaz’, 2021, Cogne Ice

‘Lessons from the Great Towers of Aaragon’, The Climber’s Club Journal 129, 2019-20, 92-95.

‘The Climber’s Voice: Left Wall Fall’, Climber November/December 2020, 14-15. (A short story you can download here)

‘Riglos – Spanish Sport Climbing with a Difference’, Climber September/October 2020, 60-64. Download copy here

[Review of Frison-Roche, Roger. 2019 First on the Rope], Climber March/April 2020, 68-69. Download copy here

‘Tips for Climbing the Great Towers of Aragon’, 2019, Riglos

‘Thomas the Engine’, Alpinist 65 Spring 2019, 46-48. (A short story you can download here)

‘The Climber’s Voice: Hands’, Climber September/October 2018, 16-17. Download copy here

‘Guidebooks: Instant Inspiration’, Climber March/April 2018, 28-29. Download copy here.

‘Joshua Tree Bliss’, 2017, ‘Joshua Tree Bliss

‘Desert Notes – Climbing in Josua Tree’, Climber Jan/Feb 2017, 28-33. Desert Notes

‘The Joy of Fontainebleau’, 2016, The Joy of Font

‘Climbing: Sense and Sensuality’, Climber April 2016, 44-49. Climbing-Senses

‘Dissent Route: Fear of Falling’, Climb, June 2015, 59. Download copy here.

[Review of Petkov, Nikolay. 2014. Vratsa], Climb, December 2014, 68. Download copy here.

[Review of Padula, Fred. 2013. El Capitan DVD], Climb, April 2014, 65. Download copy here.

‘Vertical Diary: Bat out of Hell’, Climb, November 2013, 50. Download copy here.

I have also provided editorial contributions to the following guide books:

Lundy 1994 Gibson, Gary and Paul Harrison. Lundy. Climbers’ Club Guides.

West_Mids_Rock 1988 Kerr, Doug. Rock Climbs in the West Midlands. Cicerone Press.