Academic Writing

2019 [Review of Egeler, Matthias. 2018. Atlantic Outlooks on Being at Home. Gaelic Place-Lore and the Construction of a Sense of Place in Medieval Atlantic Outlooks on Being at Home. Helsinki. FF Communications 314. Academia Scientiarum Fennica.] Saga-Book XLIII, 156-158. Download copy here.

2004 [Review of Benozzo, Francesco. 2004. Landscape Perception in Early Celtic Literature. Oxford. Oxbow Books], Landscape History 26, 105-106. Download Download copy here.

Leeds 2004 ‘Landscape and Authorial Control in the Battle of Vigrafjorður in Eyrbyggja saga’, Leeds Studies in English N.S. 35, 43-56. Download Download copy here.

Landscapes 2004 ‘The Landscape of the Icelandic Sagas: Text, Place and National Identity’, Landscapes 5/1, 55-72. Wyatt – Landscapes 5, 1

Land_Sea_Home 2004 ‘Narrative Functions of Landscape in the Old Icelandic Family Sagas’, in John Hines, Alan Lane, Mark Redknap (eds). 2004. Land, Sea and Home: Proceedings of a Conference on Viking-period Settlement, at Cardiff, July 2001. Leeds: Maney, pp. 273-282.

Two_Tales 1993 Two Tales of Icelanders. Durham Medieval Texts, 10.

Although now out of print secondhand copies do appear on Amazon.

I also assisted in the production of:

Letters_from_Iceland 1992 Young, Jean. Letters from Iceland 1936. The University of Birmingham.